Here's a list of questions we hear frequently and their answers

Where can I get my windshield replaced in Jacksonville (or Orlando, or Tampa, or Gainesville, or Sarasota?..)

AmeriPro Auto Glass offers Free Mobile Service anywhere in our service areas. If you are in Northeast Florida, Central Florida, Southwest Florida we are just a phone call away. We continuously add new service areas, so for the latest coverage area please check the Contact Us page here or simply call us at 877-561-4527 and we’ll help you.

How do I get $100 with my windshield replacement?

Simply call AmeriPro Auto Glass and replace your windshield with us as your “SHOP OF CHOICE” and we will present you with $100 when we replace your windshield through your comprehensive coverage insurance. You have no out-of-pocket expenses and still get the benefit of our Nationwide Lifetime Limited Warranty. (see warranty for details)

Will I get my $100 with windshield replacement if I am in Ocala (or Palatka, or St Augustine, or Orange Park, or Middleburg, or Green Cove Springs, or Starke or Keystone Heights…-I can go forever-)

Yes, you will get $100 with the windshield replacement. AmeriPro Auto Glass offers Free Mobile Service to all of our service areas.  We service these areas equally. No matter the area that you are in, AmeriPro Auto Glass will give you $100 for your old windshield when we replace it through your vehicle’s insurance.

Is it true that I can only get one free windshield per year?

This is a question that we hear almost daily. The answer is a resounding NO!! This is one of the biggest myths floating around about no cost windshield replacements in Florida. The facts are that you may get your windshield repaired or replaced as often as needed at NO COST TO YOU as long as your policy carries comprehensive coverage. If true, this would be just like your insurance company saying that you can only have one accident per year. Your windshield is part of the safety equipment on your car and absorbs impact during a rollover accident. The integrity of your windshield must always be maintained. Any damage to your windshield, no matter how small, should be promptly be repaired or the windshield replaced, if necessary.

Do I need to call my insurance company first to schedule my windshield replacement?

No, we take care of all insurance billing for you. AmeriPro Auto Glass offers complete insurance billing service. Call us and we will help you get your insurance information out of the way in less than 10 minutes in most cases. We electronically bill many insurance companies insurance companies and are set to direct bill the rest. We accept all Florida-based policies for no-cost-to-you windshield replacements and many other states as well. Call us today and see just how easy we make the process.

Who is the best Auto glass company in my area to replace my windshield in my Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Cadillac or other luxury car?

AmeriPro Auto Glass specializes in windshield replacements for luxury automobiles. We use only OEM and quality OE products from manufacturers such as PGW, Pilkington, Mygrant, FYG and Sukrit. We only utilize Fast-Cure Urethanes exclusively from Sika. All of our installers are properly certified.  We pay special attention to your interior and exterior with ALL of our installations. Our goal is to always leave a smile on our customer’s face and $100 in their hand for insurance replacements.

Where is the best place for windshield repairs in Jacksonville (Ocala, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Clearwater Daytona Beach…)?

AmeriPro Auto Glass offers Free Mobile Service for windshield repairs in all our service areas in Florida. Repairs are also no-cost to you through your comprehensive coverage insurance. If you don’t have coverage, you will find that our cash prices are very competitive. Either way, it is important to repair any damage immediately.

How do I file my insurance claim for a windshield replacement?

AmeriPro Auto Glass is set up to direct-bill all insurance companies. We make the process quick and simple. Just grab your insurance card and give one of our Professional CSR’s a call. In about 10 minutes, we can have everything taken care of for you. We handle virtually everything associated with your insurance and the replacement / repair, PLUS you’ll get $100 at installation for your old windshield.

Where can I get Auto Glass replace or repaired?

AmeriPro Auto Glass offers complete Auto Glass service through our Free Mobile Glass Facilities on Wheels! We come to you whether it be your home, place of business or wherever you may find yourself within our service areas. Simply give us a call to schedule or to obtain a cash quote in the case of no coverage.

Is AmeriPro Auto Glass a reputable company?

There are many companies that offer quality service in our area. AmeriPro Auto Glass is Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited and is fully licensed and insured. Our reputation is stellar. We are a member of the Independent Glass Association or “IGA” and are a member of The National Windshield Repair Association or “NWRA”. We are also a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses or “NFIB”.

Only companies with a valid Florida license for Motor Vehicle Repair and who carry Liability Insurance should be on your “short list”. If in doubt, ask for documentation.

How do I get my windshield replaced free?

Florida law requires all insurance companies who write automobile policies within the state to waive all deductibles for any windshield repair or replacement performed providing comprehensive coverage is carried on said policy. A copy of the statute is displayed on our home page.

Do I have to use who my insurance company tells me to use for my windshield replacement?

Absolutely no. In Florida as well as in many other states, you have the right to choose who completes work on your automobile for any type of insurance claim. Don’t feel pressured into using who they say is “part of their network”. Any shop can choose to be “in” or “out” of a so-called network. The “networks” are simply a group of companies who have agreed to very low prices for their services just to say they are a part of the “network”. Insurance companies are in the business to make money. Remember that when having any work performed on your vehicle.

If you want to educate yourself on what a “network” shop really is, check out . Your eyes will be opened wide, we promise.

Do you have the best cash prices for windshields and Auto Glass in Jacksonville (Gainesville, Orlando, Sarasota, St Petersburg,…)?

AmeriPro Auto Glass is considered a high-volume glass shop by Auto Glass distributors. Our prices are low because of our volume. We offer cash prices and we constantly adjust them to stay very competitive. Many local Auto Dealers are dedicated customers because of our low prices, high-quality products and prompt professional service. Call everyone else, then call AmeriPro Auto Glass. Your wallet will thank you!

How long is your warranty?

AmeriPro Auto Glass provides a Nationwide Lifetime Limited Warranty covering all seals that we apply and workmanship that we perform. All warranty claims are handled LOCALLY. Not from some out of town business dispatching an independent contractor to take care of their “dirty work”.

Where can I get my Ford F150 or Super Duty windshield replaced with the original logo in any of your service areas?

AmeriPro Auto Glass wants your Ford F150 or Super Duty to have original equipment. If you have a Logo Windshield in your truck, we can replace to at no cost to you through your insurance with an OEM Logo Windshield AND we will give you $100 for your old windshield! We are just a phone call away for all of your Automotive Glass needs.

What is the difference between “OEM” and “OE” glass?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This glass carries the logo of the original manufacturer of and establishes the standard and specs for replacement glass.

In general, insurance companies will only pay for OEM glass under 2 circumstances: 1. If your vehicle is CURRENT MODEL YEAR or 2. In the case of certain vehicles, although rare, OEM is the only thing available. If a glass shop tells you that they are going to replace the windshield on your 4 year old car with OEM glass and that your insurance company will pay for it, you might want to find a glass shop that will tell you the truth.

OE stands for Original Equivalent. The vast majority of insurance companies approve these products for replacements. There is a BIG difference in quality depending on the manufacturer. Insist on OE products from PGW, Pilkington and FYG. These companies are actually the manufacturer of many OEM glass products, so you truly are getting an Original Equivalent.